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FinEquity and DSG Hub collaboration on Digitization of Savings Groups

FinEquity shares details of its collaboration with DSG Hub, to support the digitization of savings groups, a key priority for FinEquity stakeholders, in particular in Africa.
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Reshaping Realities for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Africa

As part of the #FinEquity2024 Annual Meeting blog series, we reflect on key takeaways from FinEquity Africa 2024 Convening, the first Convening for the FinEquity Africa Community of Practice.
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Meeting the Needs of Unbanked Women in the Digital Era

How can the unique needs of unbanked women be met with mobile money? In this blog, WomenSave shares findings from their research in Uganda on how to empower these women to use digital financial services to meet their financial goals.
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Understanding the Women’s Financial Inclusion Landscape in Africa

This year marked the official launch of FinEquity’s new regional community of practice in Africa. Based on a consultation exercise, this blog outlines key priority areas for the new regional community as it continues to grow.
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Building an African Women’s Financial Inclusion Network

With women currently underrepresented at all levels of the global financial system, building a network to advance women’s roles in the sector is a pressing need to advance women’s financial inclusion. In Africa, New Faces New Voices (NFNV) has taken on this important mission.
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Unlocking Women’s Potential Through Financial Inclusion in Africa

Based on FinEquity Africa's first in-person social event in Nairobi, this blog discusses ways to bridge the current gap in financial inclusion for African women and unlock their full potential.
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Driving Formal Savings: What Works for Low-Income Women?

Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, low-income women remain underserved in their ability to access, use, and benefit from financial products. Closing this gap requires a better understanding of the types of savings products and services that women value, prioritize, and need.
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When Equal Use Is Not What It Seems

Ghana has one of the most mature mobile money markets in Africa, and one of the smallest mobile ownership gender gaps. However, a deeper look at GSMA's data reveals several gender differences not immediately apparent on the surface - they've highlighted here. 
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Top Five Digital Financial Service Features That Impact Women’s Access and Use

Research in Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire provides guidance for DFS providers and regulators on how to help ensure that digital tools make women more - not less - financially included. 
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How Ghana’s New Digital Finance Policy Can Drive Women’s Inclusion

Ghana made waves earlier this year when it launched the world’s first digital financial services (DFS) policy, building on the past five years of explosive DFS growth in the country. Can the new policy help to close the gender gap?