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FinEquity and DSG Hub collaboration on Digitization of Savings Groups

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During the last FinEquity Global Consultation, digitization of savings groups arose as an important priority for FinEquity stakeholders, in particular in Africa. As a response, FinEquity convened a D-groups dialogue and consulted with nearly 40 practitioners across the global community. 

The community expressed two major needs: 

  1.  A comprehensive guide compiling different solutions for digitization of savings groups and their main characteristics; 

  1.  Nuanced and informed resources on the pros and cons of digitizing savings groups and sharing different perspectives on this topic.  

Following these conversations, FinEquity identified the DSG Hub’Vendors & Products Tool as a key resource centralizing a range of different products and technologies which support digitizing savings groups. In particular, the tool details varied product functionalities, coverage, language, costs, and hardware and network requirements for each of the solutions.  

The DSG Hub is an online learning and community platform aimed at facilitating thoughtful, safe, and inclusive digitization of savings groups. The Hub centralizes a variety of practical and easy-to-use resources to support SG members and practitioners on their digitization journeys.   
The DSG Vendors & Products Tool outlines several tools for digitization and offers an in-depth comparison of their functionalities, costs, requirements, and reach. 


Building on the critical work of the FAHU Foundation and Global Communities in launching the platform, CAREs VSLA Global team has recently assumed stewardship of the DSG Hub and is eager to continue building tools and engaging with stakeholders working on digital savings groups. As needs emerge, the DSG hub will update the  DSG Vendors & Products Tool with support from the FinEquity community. 

In an effort to contextualize the DSG  Vendors & Products Tool and help organizations understand the pros and cons of digitizing savings groups, the DSG Hub is eager to initiate a wider dialogue with various stakeholders. To this end, the DSG hub is launching a blog series featuring several FinEquity community members on this topic. If you are interested in being featured, please get in touch  Eric Kaduru from CARE’s VSLA Global team who is spearheading this initiative as they lead up to the launch of the revamped  DSG Hub:  


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