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REPOA: Mobile Phone Ownership and DFS in Tanzania

Women and DFS in Tanzania

While mobile phone access is a strong influencer of digital financial services amongst women, barriers to usage are often less clear. In Tanzania, REPOA undertook an RCT with 1350 women, to study women’s uptake of Digital Financial Services beyond basic and smart phone ownership. This significant research offered several findings around the factors that influence usage of DFS, including the role of education, and the enormous impact of mobile churn.


  • REPOA: Mobile Phone Ownership and DFS in Tanzania presentation (PDF

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Philip Roessler

Phil Roessler

William and Mary College

Philip Roessler is an Associate Professor of Government and Director of the Center for African Development at William & Mary. He is an expert in the study of African development, with a focus on spatial inequality; civil war; and mobile technology. On mobile tech, he has run several large randomized-controlled trials in Tanzania to better understand the pathway from mobile phone ownership to the uptake and use of digital financial services.

Catherine Highet, FinEquity

Catherine Highet


Catherine Highet leads the technology working group at FinEquity, facilitated by CGAP. Prior to this role, she worked with the GSMA Connected Women program and FHI 360, focusing on digital inclusion activities, including DFS, digital literacy and gender equality. Catherine has also consulted for several digital development partners in the public and private sector including IREX, Mozilla and Souktel.