Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mapping It Out: Practical Tools for Reaching Remote Clients

Lack of proximity has long been identified as an obstacle to sustained take-up – and sustained use – of formal financial services. However, efforts by financial service providers (FSPs) to address the "proximity gap" have been hampered by a shortage of useful, practical information on how to close it. This how-to webinar led by Savings at the Frontier will introduce some of the low-cost practical approaches and tools (such as geolocation and data maps) that FSPs can use to address proximity and will include live demonstrations and testimonies from FSPs who have tried and tested them. 

Participants will:

  • Hear more about the proximity challenge from the demand and supply side.
  • Gain insight into how to use customer/agent geo location data analytics to uncover where the informal savings mechanisms (ISMs) and agents are, and which customers are not being served.
  • Find out how to map agent and collector routes for efficient deployment and segmentation.
  • Understand how to link tool data to customer transactions in real time.

Anyone with an interest in the proximity challenge, particularly those grappling with exactly how to address it are welcome to join.

Before joining the webinar, please take this brief survey to help us understand our participants better and make the webinar as relevant and interactive as possible.

We also encourage participants to download the apps we will discuss in the webinar ahead of time to familiarize themselves with them:

Webinar time: 9:00 AM UK / 10:00 AM Paris

Event Location:
Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019
Time: 4:00 AM EST
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Speaker Bios

John Balaba

John Balaba (Moderator)

Oxford Policy Management

John is a Consultant with Oxford Policy Management in financial inclusion department and works as a Programme Fund Manager for Savings at the Frontier. Specializing in deepening financial inclusion of low-income individuals, John’s work focuses on designing savings mobilization strategies, financial linkages and delivery channels in order to attain outreach, proximity, sustainability, affordability and usability of the products for the poor.

Mbinya Mutiso

Mbinya Mutiso

Savings at the Frontier

Mbinya Mutiso is an independent consultant working with Savings at the Frontier (SatF). She has rich experience in enhancing reach and usage of financial products for ISMs through proximity mapping, user experience surveys, and development of customer value proposition (CVP) for the program’s FSP partners.

Marvin Chibuye

Marvin Chibuye

VisionFund Zambia

Marvin is a Project Manager with VisionFund Zambia focusing on Digital Finance Solutions. He has over 15 years in experience working in financial institutions.

Casper Fibeak

Casper Fibeak

NIRAS & Aalborg University

Casper is an Industrial Researcher at NIRAS and Aalborg University working with Earth Observation data primarily from the European Space Programmes Copernicus Programme using machine learning to track the indicator framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He has a background in Geodesy, Urban Planning and Land Management with published articles on predicting urban growth in the Global South.

Abednego Darko

Abednego Darko


Abednego is the founder and CEO of DSS, Ghana. His passion for digitizing susu collection and VSLA can be traced back to ten years of working as a susu collector, where he spent significant time serving the unbanked.