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Non-Discrimination: Making Microfinance Institutions Disability Inclusive and Smart Campaign Certifiable

Designing disability inclusive tools for implementation at MFIs
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This paper discusses the Smart Campaign activity under the FIELD-Support LWA to design and test disability inclusive tools and standards that can be broadly disseminated and implemented at MFIs around the world. The vision of this paper is to foster increased inclusion for persons with disabilities (PWD) across the globe, recognizing that when PWD achieve equal rights and access to economic opportunity, civil society as a whole will be beneficiary. It covers the following sections in detail:

  • Introduction to the non-discrimination language in the client protection principles of the Smart Campaign;
  • Background on PWD with a focus on the barriers preventing disability inclusion;
  • Identification of seven core areas that MFIs need to address to achieve disability inclusion and suggested guidelines;
  • Series of trainings designed to help MFIs embed disability inclusion into their daily operations and into their strategic plan;
  • Development and dissemination of tools catering to disability inclusion and pilot tests of the framework in Paraguay with descriptions of the major challenges;
  • Lessons learned through this initiative with a focus on PWD preferences, identification of PWD, role of disability organizations and governments, and steps that can ensure success with regard to disability inclusion.

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By Goldstein, J., Cabral, M. , Vallejos, J.