Guide / Toolkit

Youth Access to Rural Finance

How to design and offer appropriate financial services for rural youth

With the mounting awareness of the unmet demand for youth financial services and the growing evidence that serving young people is viable, there is also a need to assess and document the implications for rural areas. This toolkit on Youth Access to Rural Finance aims to contribute to filling that gap.

The Lessons Learned and How To Do Note on this topic provide IFAD country program managers, project design teams and implementing partners with insights and key guidance on designing and offering appropriate financial services for rural youth. The toolkit synthesizes best practices and offers examples from around the world.

The toolkit contains:

  1. Teaser: Sets out the scope
  2. How To Do Note: Conceptualizes key issues and provides specific guidance for the design and implementation of youth financial services for rural areas It highlights the importance of additional investments in demonstration projects.
  3. Lessons Learned: Analyzes past experiences and makes recommendations for the future.