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Series of SPTF Guidance Notes: Issues 7-10

Practical resources to address operational challenges with social performance management

This Guidance Note series aims at helping financial service providers (FSPs) use Social Performance Management (SPM) to examine and solve critical operational problems.

SPM Solutions to Operational Challenges - Issue 7, September 2016
This Guidance Note will guide FSP leaders on tackling key strategic and operational challenges from an SPM perspective.

Low Productivity: SPM Solutions - Issue 8, October 2016
This Note discusses ideas and resources for tackling the issue of low productivity using an SPM perspective.

Client Delinquency and Default: SPM Solutions - Issue 9, November 2016
Client delinquency and default erodes the institutional sustainability, and is a serious warning sign about client vulnerability. This guidance note will help practitioners use the Universal Standards to tackle this problem.

Low Growth: SPM Solutions - Issue 10, December 2016
Low growth can constrain practitioners’ social goal of financial inclusion and may harm their financial bottom line. This guidance note will help them use the Universal Standards to tackle the challenge of low growth.

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