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Guide to Upcoming Events on Women's Financial Inclusion

For International Women's Day 2022, check out this list of online events addressing the gender gap and women's economic empowerment
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In honor of International Women's Day, many organizations are planning webinars and online conferences to discuss the gender gap and women's economic empowerment and financial inclusion. In this FinDev Guide, in collaboration with FinEquity, we have identified a number of upcoming events of interest on the topic, ranging from gender-smart investing to women's financial health to gender-diverse leadership.

Gender-Smart Investing - Private Sector Approaches to Advance Gender Equality

This event will highlight key trends in the field of gender-smart investing, such as the amount of capital deployed across sectors and regions, and areas of focus for investors. Speakers will share approaches undertaken across the World Bank Group to channel more investment capital towards efforts that remove barriers to women’s ownership of and control of assets, such as housing and financial services.

How to Engage Men in Finance to Increase Gender-Diverse Leadership (Webinar Recording)

Watch Women's World Banking's expert panel discuss the real-life barriers slowing down gender diverse leadership and tangible examples on how to successfully engage men in finance, the current majority of decision-holders, to support progress, especially for women.

Women in Risk Finance (Webinar Recording)

This webinar will feature female leaders who champion financial resilience towards climate disasters and other shocks in Africa. The event will serve as a platform for female risk financing champions to discuss the challenges, opportunities and successes they have experienced in advancing the financial resilience agenda in their countries.

Young Women’s Experiences of Using Digital Platforms to Earn a Living: Insights From Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

Join Caribou Digital on International Women’s Day for a dialogue on their on-going research on women and platform work, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.

Rebuilding Women’s Financial Health Post-COVID-19

During this webinar, a panel of experts will explore the question of how the impact of external shocks on women entrepreneurs and the institutions that serve them can be reduced.

What is Algorithmic Bias, and What Can We Do About It?

Join this panel of guest experts to deep dive into how algorithmic bias affects women and people of color, particularly in financial services. The panel will also talk about what businesses and data scientists can do to mitigate the harm, and what governments and regulators might need to do in the future.

Breaking the Gender Bias in Finance (Webinar Recording)

This panel will discuss how financial inclusion helps combat bias and break the barriers to gender equality, and the role of financial authorities in supporting positive change.

The Gender Equity + Financial Inclusion Forum

This virtual forum will be filled with presenters and discussions dedicated to advancing women's economic empowerment and financial resilience.

Impact Stories: Meet Women Drivers in the Financial Sector

Learn from inspiring women in the financial sector who are committed to sensitizing staff at all managerial levels towards gender issues and equity. Discuss how to successfully boost gender lens finance in support of women’s financial inclusion. 

Gender Smart Innovation and Digital Transformation (Webinar Recording)

This webinar will explore the opportunities, potential pitfalls and future innovations on the horizon that may address the digital gender gap. The panel of experts will discuss deep-rooted gender biases, affordability and the lack of trust and education for digital solutions that hinders access for women.

European Microfinance Award 2022: Financial Inclusion That Works for Women

The European Microfinance Award 2022 "Financial Inclusion that Works for Women" highlights organizations working in financial inclusion that aim to understand and meet women's challenges and aspirations in order to go beyond traditional gender outreach strategies. During this application guidance session (in English) the e-MFP team will go over the Award process and reply to any questions that potential applicants may have.

Promoting Gender-Sensitive Digital Financial Services, Policies and Regulations Across ECOWAS

This session will outline the challenges facing women regarding access to digital financial services in West Africa as well as the potential impact of a regional approach to overcoming these barriers.

Events in many different languages are planned for this month. Here are a few events in Spanish, French and Arabic, curated by our editors at Portal FinDev, Portail FinDev and  العربية.

Events in Spanish

Closing the Gender Gap in Mexico: The Experience of the Regulator (Webinar Recording)

Join FinEquityALC in celebrating Women's Month in this event with the regulator in Mexico. CNBV will share disaggregated gender data collected among financial institutions and discuss changes in the regulation that allows women in Mexico to have access to finance at lower interest rates.

Events in French

Gender in Climate Change Adaptation

This webinar, organized by the French Development Agency (AFD), focuses on the link between gender and climate. This event will highlight the challenges, current issues, and existing solutions from development organizations, with a focus on the agricultural and rural sectors.

Events in Arabic

Recovering, Reforming, & Reimagining Human Capital in the Middle East & North Africa

This high-level event will feature ministers from across the Middle East and North Africa and will highlight the nature and extent of human capital losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and stress the need for countries to invest both in recovering as well as reimagining human capital.

View our list of webinar recordings from past events on women's financial inclusion.

This International Women's Day, FinDev invites you to join FinEquity, a leading global community that seeks to empower women through financial inclusion. FinEquity provides a range of knowledge resources for organizations and individuals who want to learn more and contribute to women’s economic empowerment.

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