Water and Sanitation Microfinance Operations in India: An Assessment of Challenges and Determinants of Success

Case study
Date Published: 
Oct 2016
Foster, T.

Lessons learned and key insights from Water.org's WaterCredit program in India

This case study draws out the key lessons and insights from Water.org’s WaterCredit program in India, specifically the enablers and constraints that have shaped the achievements of WaterCredit partners since 2011. The assessment sets out to evaluate and compare the performance metrics – outreach, return on investment, and profitability – and examine the underlying drivers that explain variability in performance. It then draws on a review of program documentation, analysis of program data, and interviews with 22 stakeholders from Water.org and implementing partner organizations.

The WaterCredit program has now become one of the largest water supply and sanitation (WSS) microfinance initiatives ever deployed, and the findings confirm the immense reach that can be attained through provision of microcredit to households in need of WSS improvements.

Case study
South Asia