New EFSE Loan to Agroprosperis Bank Supports Ukrainian Farmers With EUR 5 Million

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) has provided a top-up local currency loan equivalent to EUR 5 million to Agroprosperis Bank in Ukraine for on-lending to agricultural enterprises. The facility is a timely response to the robust credit demand amid a high agricultural season. It will further strengthen the bank’s ability to continue serving otherwise underbanked small businesses in the country, supplying much-needed financing in local currency to the farmers and agricultural producers that make an important contribution to food security, employment, and economic stability.

EFSE Board Chairman Christoph Tiskens said: “Agroprosperis Bank has already proven its strong commitment to helping EFSE extend financial inclusion to underserved local farmers. Especially now, as smaller enterprises rely on stable financial infrastructure to help see them through challenging times, EFSE is proud to reaffirm the partnership with this impactful institution.”