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Global COVID-19 Survey Report: Insights for Financial Inclusion

Findings on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impaired the quality of life of economically disadvantaged populations around the world


FINCA International Launches Emergency Response Fund for COVID-19

FINCA International mobilized to address the needs of the most vulnerable in the countries where it works, launching the FINCA Emergency Response Fund.


A Changing Landscape: What the 2017 Findex Tells Us About Mobile Money, Women’s Financial Inclusion and Savings in Vulnerable Households

Collection of four articles and a summary of key takeaways on the state of financial inclusion
Case Study

The Long Road to Branchless Banking: FINCA’s Experience Deploying Agency Banking in Africa

Ten lessons learned on strategic, operational and technical issues
Case Study

From Intentions to Outcomes: Indicators and Tools for Managing Social Performance

Case study on FINCA's process of creating and implementing a vision for social performance
Case Study

Expanding Access to Finance Through Mobile Payments: Lessons Learned for MFI-Mobile Network Operator Partnerships

Developing successful partnerships between MFIs and mobile network operators

Survey of the Legal and Regulatory Environment for Microfinance Institutions in the Republic of Georgia

How to improve the environment for microfinance institutions in Georgia?