Exploring the Linkages Between Youth Financial Inclusion and Job Creation: Evidence From the ILO School-to-Work Transition Surveys

Analysis of new data on youth access to finance and employment

There is a growing consensus that increasing the ability of youth to access financial services and strengthening their ability to use these services for their future life needs can play a direct role in supporting the transition to employment and better livelihoods.

This report seeks to determine the extent to which this consensus is borne out in practice. Specifically, the report takes stock of existing research and examines new evidence, in an effort to promote a better understanding of the linkages between levels of financial inclusion among youth and their successful integration into the labour market through wage jobs and self-employment. It is anticipated that insights from this study will augment the small but growing body of research on the subject.

About this Publication

By Sykes, J., Elder, S., Gurbuzer, Y. & Principi, M.