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A COVID Microfinance Liquidity Tour of Asia

Cross country data and analysis on different types of microfinance service providers


Has the Pandemic Spared Cambodia? Liquidity Considerations of Cambodia's Large MFIs

Advisory Note on liquidity/growth of microfinance institutions in Cambodia


The Liquidity Challenge for Pakistan’s Microfinance Banks

M-CRIL Advisory Note on the liquidity of microfinance banks in Pakistan


India’s SFBs and the Growth Pangs of the Pandemic

The effects of the pandemic on small finance banks in India

A COVID Perspective on Nepal Microfinance

Advisory Note on the liquidity of MFIs in Nepal

Myanmar Microfinance Money Management: Coping With the COVID Crisis

Advisory Note on the liquidity of microfinance institutions in the country

Liquidity in Lockdown – Update 2: India’s SFBs & MFIs Coping With the Pandemic

Advisory Note 3 on the liquidity of small finance banks and ten largest NBFC MFIs in India

Liquidity in Lockdown – Update: Surviving the Pandemic

Estimating the magnitude of the liquidity shortfall for small finance banks in India resulting from the COVID-19 six-month moratorium

Liquidity in Lockdown: How Can India’s Small Finance Banks Manage?

Analysis using information from financial statements of eight small finance banks
External Webinar

Digital Lending and the COVID-19 Fallout