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Catalyzing Financial Inclusion: Gender-Inclusive Fintech Solutions for Migrants

This report digs into the financial inclusion obstacles disenfranchised migrant populations face in three Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.

Guide / Toolkit

Evaluation and Development of Good Governance in Microfinance Institutions

Strengthening governance processes in MFIs

Microinsurance that Works for Women: Making Gender-Sensitive Microinsurance Programs

Designing microinsurance to address women-specific risks

Lessons Learnt from Guarantee Funds: The example of the International Guarantee Fund (IGF)

Achieving self-sustainability for guarantee funds

Mobilizing Savings - Key Issues and Good Practices in Savings Promotion

Encouraging savings in poor households

Key Issues in the Design, Implementation and Monitoring of Voucher Training Programs

The 'What' and 'How' of voucher training programs