Key Issues in the Design, Implementation and Monitoring of Voucher Training Programs

The 'What' and 'How' of voucher training programs
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The paper summarizes voucher training approach and outlines the major issues concerning the design, implementation and monitoring of voucher programs. The paper is more informative than analytical in nature, and aims to stimulate further discussion on the topic.

The paper provides information regarding voucher programs on:

  • The theory behind these programs;
  • Purpose of implementing them;
  • Benefits from them;
  • Target clientele.

It also discusses:

  • Business development services that can be paid for with vouchers;
  • The need and suitability of implementing a microenterprise voucher program;
  • Methods of implementing a voucher program;
  • Key components of voucher training programs;
  • Issues in design and practice;
  • Performance measurement of voucher training programs.

Finally, the paper suggests further discussions on:

  • Financial analysis of voucher training programs;
  • Issues in sustainability of the service markets stimulated by voucher programs;
  • The outreach of these training programs;
  • Its link to the overall development goals.

About this Publication

By Goldmark, L., Botelho, C. & Orozco, P. A.