Law of Georgia on the Investment Activity Promotion and Guarantees

Endorsing an investment-promotional regime in Georgia
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This document presents the law related to investments in Georgia. It states that the law intends to promote and protect both foreign and local investments in the country.

The document defines the meaning and scope of investments, investors and foreign investors. It further discusses the:

  • Rights and duties of the investor;
  • Promotion of investment activity by the Ministry of Economy;
  • Procedures for the registration of foreign investments;
  • Investment inviolability and compensation in case of requisition;
  • List of activities for which the investor needs permit or license;
  • Requirements related to labor relations, social security and pension of employees;
  • Laws that regulate related issues of taxation, acquisition of property rights for natural resources and realized foreign investments;
  • Security of investments under unusual circumstances such as war, military conflict or legislative amendments;
  • Resolution of disputes related to investments.

The document concludes with a decree that states that this law shall be effected from the time of its publishing.

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