Women's Entrepreneurship in Latin America: An Exploration of Current Knowledge

What are the constraints faced by women entrepreneurs in Latin America?

This report presents the relationship of women's entrepreneurial activity to the strength of a nation's economy. It also provides detailed analysis of the characteristics, contributions and challenges of women business owners in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

The paper argues that providing economic opportunities for women can also improve the social, educational and health status of women and their families.

The paper highlights some challenges faced by women entrepreneurs including:

  • Access to :
    • Information, including training, technical assistance and technology;
    • Capital;
    • Markets, both domestic and international;
    • Networks, both in the form of women's business associations and broader industry or regional business organizations.
  • Validation: Being taken seriously and being recognized as a valid population of entrepreneurial leaders.

The paper concludes that support for entrepreneurial development efforts of women could have a significant impact on economic growth and prosperity. Therefore, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) should direct its efforts toward women's economic development, placing particular emphasis on enterprise creation.

About this Publication

By Weeks, J. R. , Seiler, D.