Recognizing and Responding to HIV/AIDS in Microfinance: A Powerpoint Presentation With Speaker Notes

For microfinance donors and practitioners who may not have considered HIV/AIDS in their program
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This document consists of a set of slides along with speakers' notes to build awareness and spark discussions within microfinance forums about HIV/AIDS. It provides:

  • Factual information about HIV/AIDS;
  • An overview of the impact of HIV/AIDS on microfinance clients and institutions;
  • Suggestions for responding to HIV/AIDS within the microfinance industry.

The presentation begins with basic information about HIV/AIDS and an update on the state of the epidemic globally. The next section of the presentation examines what HIV/AIDS means for the microfinance industry. It considers the impact on nations and economies, households, and microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Further, the presentation gives suggestions on responses that donors, MFIs, and analysts can take in the face of this disease. It concludes by stating that HIV/AIDS is a major concern and will affect the microfinance business more than microfinance will affect it, and that it is a systemic risk to the microfinance industry.

About this Publication

By Boomgard, J. & Parker, J.