Jamaica: Update of Statutes

A set of updates on different laws
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This document provides the amendments of the statutes issued by the Bank of Jamaica. It cites each statute and explains the amendments done with respect to it.

The Bank of Jamaica (Coins) (Standard Weight and Composition) Order, 1969, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 And 1978: It elucidates the subsequent orders mentioning that the coins issued by the bank shall be of the weights and composition specified in relation there to in that schedule.

The Bank of Jamaica (Value of Coins in Circulation) Order, 1973: It clarifies that as per this order the value of coins in circulation shall be seventy 75% of the value of coins issued by the bank and not redeemed.

The Bank of Jamaica (Special Deposits) (Rate of Interest) Order, 1995: It states the amendments related to the rate of interest for the special deposit.

The Bank of Jamaica (Specified Financial Institutions Credit Controls) Order, 1973: It gives in details regarding rate of interest on deposits and on personal credit and credit extended through loans and advancements.

The Bank of Jamaica (Industrial and Provident Societies) Regulations, 1995: It explains the term involved in the regulations and explains updates regarding issues on auditors, insolvency and offence and penalties.

The Bank of Jamaica (Building Societies) Regulations, 1995: It provides details on the updates on the following issue: capital, reserve fund, fixed assets, cash reserve, liquid assets, returns, accounts, auditors, insolvency, offences and penalties.

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