Credit Information Bureau (CIB)

Details on Credit Information Bureau in Pakistan
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This presentation presents details of Credit Information Bureau (CIB) in Pakistan. It covers the following topics:

  • Objectives of CIB;
  • Scope of CIB;
  • Process before and after going online;
  • Statistics of the Bureau;
  • Legal and regulatory challenges to information sharing.

The presentation reports that:

  • Objective of the CIB is to provide maximum information to help financial institutions take informed credit decisions;
  • CIB would provide both positive and negative information about both individual and group borrowers;
  • Obtaining credit report is mandatory for financing Pak Rs. 500,000 and above under prudential regulation governing banks/Non-Bank Financial Companies (NBFCs);
  • Reporting of data of borrowers of Pak Rs. 500,000 is mandatory for all banks/NBFCs;
  • The CIB has a total of 131 reporting institutions;
  • About 218,152 credit reports were issued during the year 2003;
  • There are restrictions on banks on sharing client data except with the States Bank of Pakistan (SBP);
  • SBP is prohibited from disclosing the name of the financial institution in the credit report.

The presentation concludes by reporting the various development activities related to CIB.