Financial Education Support the Social Entrepreneurs of Asia-Pacific: PlaNet Finance Experience

Proceedings from the Citigroup-INSEAD "Women’'s Financial Education Summit", 2004, Hong Kong
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This presentation focuses on the need to provide financial education to women micro entrepreneurs. It:

  • Highlights the role of microfinance in poverty alleviation and women's empowerment;
  • Discusses the assets and barriers that women have as micro entrepreneurs;
  • Stresses that women are strategic agents of social change;
  • Explains why women need technical knowledge and financial education to run their businesses.

The presentation states that a specific training program for women would help them to:

  • Define and develop a feasible business according to their needs;
  • Conduct research on a suitable market for their business;
  • Make effective use of local materials and resources;
  • Choose the best one among the various financial choices offered to them.

The presentation explains how:

  • Financial education can improve microfinance clients' entrepreneurial skills;
  • Women entrepreneurs can obtain financial education through a microfinance program that would offer them:
    • Access to credit;
    • Closeness;
    • Confidence;
    • Regularity.

The presentation provides information on:

  • Adult learning principles and practices;
  • Advantages of loan group meetings;
  • MFIs in various Asian countries that have cost-effectively reached women entrepreneurs.

It presentation concludes by:

  • Explaining the general mission and activities of PlaNet Finance;
  • Briefing the activities of PlaNet Finance's Training and Technical Support Department in imparting financial education to women microentrepreneurs;
  • Detailing the methodologies used by this department.

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By Ahmmed, M.