Asia Microfinance Analysis and Benchmarking Report 2008

Analyzing financial performance, outreach and scale of Asian MFIs
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This report draws on fiscal year 2007 benchmarking analysis data of 244 MFIs and data from 313 MFIs with published profiles on MIX Market. The data cover 16 countries across South Asia and East Asia and the Pacific. The microfinance sector in Asia continues to evolve with consistent emphasis on efficiency and strong growth in outreach. Highlights include:

  • Loan portfolios grew faster than that at the global level;
  • India and Pakistan witnessed 50 per­cent growth in the number of borrowers;
  • MFIs in the region served borrowers at the lowest cost globally;
  • Asian MFIs relied increasingly on commercial financing to fund their growth;
  • Growth of regulated, for-profit models garnered large pools of equity funding;
  • Positive, stable returns and strong growth opportunities in large markets across the region continued to attract new funding for MFIs. 

Asian MFIs grew quickly in 2007 due to increasing debt financing and equity investment. Given the current economic slowdown, MFI growth is expected to be affected as reduced market liquidity makes funds for portfolio lending scarce or more costly to access.

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