E/M-Banking Booklet: Volume III

Exploring opportunities and challenges in electronic and mobile banking

This booklet compiles articles discussing opportunities, issues and challenges in the area of electronic and mobile banking.

The booklet is part of MicroSave's optimising Performance and Efficiency series that brings together insights on specific topics relevant to microfinance practitioners. Topics addressed include:

  • Problems faced by low income households in accessing banking services;
  • Business correspondent model;
  • Issues related to sustainability of business correspondent network managers (BCNM);
  • Client expectations from E/M banking agents;
  • Kenyas M-PESA rails;
  • Mobile financial services for the poor in India;
  • Business case for branchless banking;
  • Challenges and opportunities for banks;
  • Issues in branchless banking;
  • Innovations related to mobile wallets;
  • Dormancy levels in No Frills Accounts;
  • Clients willingness to pay for business correspondent services;
  • Interbank Mobile Payment System in India;
  • Unique Identification (UID) for mobile banking;
  • Success story of SBI Tatkal, an instant money transfer service in India.

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