Microbusinesses, Gainful Jobs

Assessing the quality of jobs created by microenterprises
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This report presents findings of a study on the quality of jobs created by microbusiness program clients, based on a set of in-depth interviews with workers from clients of Accion East. It uses case studies to illustrate the extent to which these jobs fulfilled the key elements of a quality occupation, including good wages, benefits, stable schedules, opportunities to develop skills, and exposure to business ownership. The report also describes 'gainful employment', a term that expresses the benefits that flow from work. The term incorporates many components important to job satisfaction. The report covers the following sections in detail:
  • Research methodology used in the study;
  • Features and characteristics of a good job;
  • Profile of microenterprise employees, microenterprise jobs, and microbusinesses;
  • Statistics and data on microenterprise jobs;
  • Case studies to highlight the reasons why the workers in this study largely consider these small-business jobs to be a preferred choice.

About this Publication

By Gomez, L.I. , Thetford, T.