Caribbean Microfinance Alliance: MFI Performance Report 2013

Evaluating the performance of the microfinance sector in the Caribbean region
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This report provides a broad assessment of the size and financial performance of members of the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance (CMFA), together with benchmarks taken from Latin America and the Caribbean region. It is intended to be an effective reference tool for MFI managers throughout the region. Data from the report seeks to provide an opportunity to increase the efficiency of decision-making through financial analysis adapted to industry standards. Key findings include:

  • Total of 23,979 clients were served with microcredit indicating an increase of 37% over 2012;
  • Gross loan portfolio for microcredit stood at USD 21.8 million, an increase of 26.4% in comparison to 2012;
  • On average, CMFA reporting institutions declared total assets of USD 28.3 million, total deposits of USD 20.8 million, and gross loan portfolios of USD 20.6 million;
  • CMFA MFI members showed an operational self-sufficiency of 118% on average, which was better than the regional benchmark of 111.6%;
  • Return on assets was 0.9% on average compared to 1.1% for credit unions and 2.0% for all institutions in the region;
  • Women accounted for 54.3% of the client/member base on average among CMFA institutions. This compared to 47.1% for credit unions and 57.5% for all institutions in the region.

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