Taking Stock: Recent Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

Findings from CGAP’s annual Cross-Border Funder Survey

This Brief is based on data from the 2016 CGAP Cross-Border Funder Survey conducted in partnership with MIX. CGAP collected data from 54 international funders, whose commitments made up 74% of global estimated funding for financial inclusion. Key findings from the survey are:

  • Funding for financial inclusion increased by USD 3 billion;
  • Funders are reviewing strategies and integrating financial inclusion;
  • Funders slowly look beyond traditional supply-side support;
  • Funding—mostly still through loans—targets increasingly diverse recipient types;
  • Funding to sub-Saharan Africa surpasses South Asia for first time.

About this Publication

By Soursourian, M. , Dashi, E.