Using Your Data to Drive Growth in Mobile Money Services: The Mobile Money Customer Journey with a Gender Lens

How can mobile financial service providers better target women?

Mobile money is widely cited as a game changer for financial inclusion and one of the drivers of growth for the mobile industry. However, studies have shown that women are consistently less likely than men to use mobile financial services. This is a loss to women, many of whom have yet to reap the benefits of mobile money, and a loss to mobile money providers who have yet to capture these women as subscribers.

Customer data is a valuable resource for providers to better understand their customers. Looking at it with a gender lens will help providers understand where they are losing potential female subscribers and develop actionable strategies for realizing this opportunity. This document sets out an approach to analyzing customer data with a gender lens, aimed at helping providers to:

  1. Measure the size of the gender gap in their customer base and the commercial benefit of closing it;
  2. Identify priority customer segments where there are key opportunities for reducing the gender gap/growing the subscriber base;
  3. Understand at what stage of the mobile money customer journey they lose potential female customers (e.g. registration, trial, regular use);
  4. Develop hypotheses on how to grow their customer base in order to develop strategies and actionable recommendations for how to better target women.

About this Publication

By Barrie, G., Minischetti, E. , Rowntree, O.