Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons - Priorities for G20 Action

What role could financial inclusion play in alleviating the plight of refugees?

This Policy Paper is the result of an ongoing stakeholder dialogue and research effort launched under the German G20 Presidency, involving G20 and non-G20 countries, humanitarian and development organizations, private and financial sector actors, as well as NGOs and academia. It describes the potential of financial inclusion allowing Forcibly Displaced Persons (FDPs) to live up their (economic) potential and thereby contribute to host societies. The paper also summarizes common challenges related to the financial inclusion of the vulnerable and very heterogeneous target group of FDPs in different contexts and stages of displacement.

This Policy Paper calls on all stakeholders to engage in the implementation of the identified priority action areas toward enabling their financial inclusion.

About this Publication

By Jamie Zimmerman, Natascha Weisert & Joscha Albert