Remittance Markets and Opportunities: Asia and the Pacific - Key Findings from

A snapshot of the findings, analyses and insights about the regional remittance market

RemitSCOPE is a website portal which provides data, analyses and remittance market profiles for 50 countries or areas in the Asia and the Pacific region. The portal intends to address the fast-changing market realities in the remittance industry in order to help bring together the goals of remittance families and the strategies of the private-sector service providers.

RemitSCOPE is designed as a free, one-stop shop that is available to any organization or entity interested in accessing all relevant public information on remittances. For existing remittance service providers such as fintech entrepreneurs, potential new market entrants and other private-sector organizations, RemitSCOPE aspires to become a ready tool and reference point for decision-making purposes. For regulators, RemitSCOPE seeks to highlight comparative best practices along with a better understanding of opportunities and challenges for each country in order to support financial inclusion.

This publication provides a snapshot of the findings, analyses, and insights about the Asia and the Pacific remittance market as provided online by RemitSCOPE.

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