The Next Frontier in Financial Inclusion: Moving Beyond Access to Usage

Three key components necessary for developing financial products and services

Putting consumers and their needs front and center is essential for driving commercially viable financial inclusion. However, success requires not only appropriately designed products, but education and infrastructure that enables the consumer’s journey to financial health. There are three key components necessary for moving beyond access towards usage:

  1. Informed, human-centered product development focused on consumer need.
  2. Ongoing engagement with underserved segments to build knowledge and empowerment.
  3. Building robust ecosystems to drive scale.

This is the first of several Mastercard white papers laying out the organization's views on the journey towards financial health for the underserved. This study shares insights about how to make the next frontier in financial inclusion a reality by driving usage of financial products and services worldwide - from product development to building robust ecosystems.

About this Publication

By Dan Salazar, Antonio Marra, Bonnie Shnayerson & Anand Menon