Inclusive Finance? Headline Findings from FinAccess 2019

Deep dive into the data on the relevance and impact of finance for people’s well-being

2019 Finaccess Household Survey is the fifth in a series of national household surveys on access and usage of financial services in Kenya. It seeks to contribute to market development by providing better information to those who will shape the future of the sector—policymakers and regulators, industry players, analysts and researchers and consumer groups. The goal of FinAccess is not simply to measure finance inclusion in Kenya, but to provide insights into how finance needs to change.

This report takes a deeper look at the findings in the FinAccess 2019 survey, pulling out key questions for consideration in the development of an inclusive financial sector that is economically relevant for the needs of Kenyans. Its aim is to encourage both policymakers and industry providers to dive deeper into the data.

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