The Financial Inclusion Compass 2019

The e-MFP survey of financial inclusion trends

Launched for the first time in 2018, the Financial Inclusion Compass leverages the European Microfinance Platform's (e-MFP) multi-stakeholder membership and position in the inclusive finance community, giving practitioners, investors, donors, academics and support service providers the opportunity to assess and describe the importance of various trends, evaluate and give opinions on new areas of focus, and provide open-comment qualitative input on the expected (and hoped-for) direction of financial inclusion progress.

In the Financial Inclusion Compass 2019 digital transformation of FSPs, client protection, client-side technology innovations and agri-finance emerged as among the most significant trends identified by a broad array of sector stakeholders.

According to survey respondents, the five most important new areas of focus in financial inclusion are:

  1. Agri-Finance.
  2. Climate Change Adaptation/ Mitigation.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Finance.
  4. Finance for Refugees/ Displaced Populations.
  5. Finance for Youth.

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By Sam Mendelson