Weathering the Storm II: Tales of Survival From Microfinance Crises Past

Weathering the Storm II is a follow-up to the original report and case studies, published in the aftermath of the financial crisis. This updated publication  brings together the experience of sixteen different institutions that dealt with crisis and makes it available to all. These case studies come from 14 countries on four continents, including nearly every type of institution—from NGO to bank. The cases span a period of over 15 years—with the earliest crisis dating back to 2004. The crises they faced were caused by both internal and external problems; sometimes both. Whether it was fraud or massive currency devaluations, unsustainable growth, or political interference, nearly every Weathering the Storm (WTS) institution went through a period where its survival was at stake. Most found a way forward, not only surviving the ordeal but even finding a path to true prosperity; others were not so lucky, experiencing the bitter taste of failure.

Content is organized by a hierarchy of needs for survival: liquidity, confidence, portfolio, and capital. It demonstrates how leaders – with the support of investors and ecosystem actors — stabilized their financial institutions and embarked on a full recovery.

About this Publication

By Daniel Rozas