Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021: Migrant Efforts During the COVID-19 Crisis

The remittances received by the families of migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean constitute a major contribution to their subsistence. They are often an important contributor to preventing families from falling below the poverty line, and they are often one of the motivating factors behind the decision to emigrate. Furthermore, they are way of maintaining the cohesion of transnational families that result from human displacement. This is even more evident during times of crisis, when remittances have proved to have a countercyclical effect, reducing the impact of such crises on families that receive them. 

This  report  focuses on 2021 and includes detailed information on the flows of remittances received by each country and sub-region in Latin America and the Caribbean and the region as a whole. It also analyses some of the causes and effects of these flows. It is hoped to become a valuable input for decision-making on migration and remittances. 

About this Publication

By René Maldonado & Jeremy Harris