The Global State of Financial Inclusion & Consumer Protection, 2022

This report, which is an update to the 2013 and 2017 iterations, details the key findings and provides a source of global data to benchmark efforts by financial sector authorities to improve the enabling environment for financial inclusion and consumer protection. To date, this is the only longitudinal and global survey of this nature. As such, this report serves as a valuable resource to shape the World Bank’s country engagements, a reference document for regulators and supervisors and, finally, a tool for both public and private sector actors with an interest in knowing the developments in this sector.

The Survey questionnaire covers key topics related to financial inclusion and financial consumer protection and aligns with international guidance to financial sector authorities in these areas. Because the report aims to capture both a snapshot as well as trends over time, the survey questionnaire has been modified over the three cycles to reflect the changing policy and regulatory landscape of financial inclusion and consumer protection.

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