Assessing Digital and Financial Literacy in Timor-Leste: A Survey on Knowledge, Skills and Access

It is essential to assess the status of financial and digital literacy in Timor-Leste to design and implement evidence backed interventions in the count. However, efforts to improve digital and financial literacy through targeted interventions have been significantly challenged by a lack of baseline digital and financial literacy data in the country on which to base these efforts and track the progress. To address this gap, UNCDF conducted the Digital and Financial Literacy Survey exploring experiences with traditional and digital financial services to-date, in addition to assessing basic competencies in the areas of digitization and finance.

The survey findings will be used to develop and implement targeted interventions for improving digital financial competencies among women, MSMEs, youth, migrant workers, and rural communities. The survey results are intended to serve as a baseline from which future changes in competencies, access, and usage can be measured by the regulators and development partners.