Make Recourse Clear, Quick and Responsive

As more people use digital financial services, complaints and disputes increase. When facing a problem, users need to understand what has to be done to fix it. Still, today, recourse systems remain an afterthought. Too often, they are archaic, irrelevant, and not user-centric. Grievance redressal procedures have not kept pace with the increasing sophistication of payment platforms. It is imperative to overhaul these mechanisms, ensuring that filing a complaint is as straightforward as conducting a digital transaction to restore lost trust. They can act as a vital safety net, particularly for low-income users and women.

This resource is meant for Alliance members and partners aiming to fortify recourse mechanisms through policy evolution. The paper includes various Alliance member strategies as case studies to demonstrate how recourse has been improved in their countries. These strategies encompass policy revisions, technology-based complaint resolution, and bolstering systemic oversights.

About this Publication

By Shruti Sharma, Camilo Tellez-Merchan