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Microfinance Clients Facing the COVID-19 Crisis: From Findings to Action for MFIs

This publication presents the main results of MFI client surveys in seven countries (Bhutan, Myanmar, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Cape Verde and El Salvador), as well as the concrete measures taken by MFIs to meet the needs expressed by their clients.

Case Study

Expanding Opportunities through Microfinance in Cape Verde

Providing access to financial services and sustainable financial institutions

Understanding the Microenterprise Sector to Design a Tailor-made Microfinance Policy for Cape Verde

How can credit policies be designed to address unemployment and poverty in Cape Verde?

Capital Markets Stream: Conference Summary

Summary report of the “"Luxembourg Round Table on Microfinance”", 17-19 October 2005, Luxembourg

Microfinance and Money Transfers from Migrants Workers (Part II)

Can microfinance facilitate money transfers in Cape Verde?

Migrants Remittances Luxembourg-Cape Verde

How to facilitate migrant remittances from Luxembourg to Cape Verde?