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Making Micro and Small Business Finance Profitable: An e-finance Initiative

Evolution of International Finance Corporation's (IFC) financial markets strategy

Electronic Finance: Reshaping the Financial Landscape Around the World

Can e-finance lead to improved financial services across the world?

Grameen Village Phone: Its Current Status and Future Prospects

Assessing market development outcomes due to the ICT services provided by Grameen Telecom

Commercial ICT-based Business Information Services for MSME Development

Information and Communication Technology and micro, small/medium enterprises' business environments

Potential Business Models for the Delivery of Internet-Based Information Services to Micro and Small Enterprises in the Philippines

Changing the way small enterprises communicate
Case Study

Bayantel Public Calling Offices: A Case Study on the Provision of Communications Services to Micro and Small Enterprises in the Philippines

Factors that make Public Calling Offices successful in catering to micro and small enterprises

Options for Updating AskARIES: An Analysis of Cost-effective Means of Disseminating Microenterprise Development Information

How to update AskARIES? (A computer-based reference for small enterprise development problems)