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Social Performance Management in Microfinance: Practices, Results and Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

Revealing a number of challenges the financial inclusion sector should address

Social Performance Indicators Tool (SPI4)

Assessment tool for MFIs on the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

Social Performance Indicators Initiative (SPI) - Phase 1: Summary Report

Measuring the social performance of MFIs

From Social Strategy to Impact: How Can Impact Studies Be Improved?

How an impact study can be designed based on an MFI's social strategy?

Stakes of Measuring Social Performance in Microfinance

A look at various approaches to measuring social performance assessment

Social Performance Indicators Initiative Phase 2 - Audit of the Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions: The Definition of a Tool

Presenting an operational guide to help MFIs and external reviewers complete the Social Performance Indicators questionnaire
Case study

Social Performance Report of Agricultural Credit Cooperative (ACC) Maritza Invest, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Providing financial services to agricultural small and medium enterprises