Working Group 2: Portfolio Quality


The Portfolio Quality Working Group will review and/or finalize the definition of indicators such as PAR, explore complementary metrics that will meaningfully improve understanding of a company’s portfolio quality, and/or alternatives (such as Utilization Rate). It will also review and develop frameworks and concepts such as Cohort Analysis to improve the usefulness of the indicators. This Working Group will feed into the KPI Working Group.

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The working group is divided into two subcommittees to reach the objectives set (1) Loss/Default and (2) Collection Efficiency; each will be tasked to specific areas related to Portfolio Quality. 

Introducing your co-chairs

Anish Thakkar, Co-Founder, Greenlight Planet

Greenlight is a leading manufacturer of off-grid solar energy systems used today in 10 million households worldwide. Greenlight operates the industry's largest Pay As You Go distribution network, selling 35,000 consumer-financed solar home systems each month through its network of 140 branch stores and 3,000 commissions-based agents in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. Anish served as Greenlight's CEO until 2016 and today leads debt fundraising and new products initiatives.




Ralph Gunn, Senior Manager - Corporate & Investment Banking, Standard Bank

Ralph is in the Energy & Infrastructure Financing team focusing on Financing of Decentralised Energy across the continent.  He has been involved in the REIPP programme, spent over 2 years in Nairobi, Kenya with Standard Bank Investment Banking leading the debt teams in East Africa and now driving the decentralised energy funding strategy from Johannesburg. Ralph has been responsible for advising, arranging, and executing more than 25 transactions spread across sectors and type of financing. Ralph has specialised in hybrid financing structures fit for purpose on the continent.


Next Meetings

The next working group call is likely to be scheduled end of May/beginning of June. Stay tuned for the final date. 

Meeting Minutes/Documents


Summary Portfolio Quality survey results 

Sniff tests: CGAP Occasional Paper Issue No. 3 June 1999: Measuring Microcredit Delinquency Ratios Can Be Harmful to Your Health