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FinDev Guide to Upcoming Financial Inclusion Events

A multitude of opportunities await you in 2020 for learning, networking and connecting with colleagues around the latest trends, issues and challenges in microfinance and financial inclusion. Check out these key training and event opportunities.
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On the Way to Reducing the Gender Gap in Latin America

What National Financial Inclusion Strategies have accomplished so far in the region, and what more needs to be done
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Can You Get to Know Your Customer Through an App?

Ibrahim Eid, whose Valify solution won the 2019 Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, explains how e-KYC works and how a digital identity can give customers access to financial services.
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What Are the Most Important Emerging Trends to Watch for in 2020?

Take this survey to help us determine what emerging trends we should focus on in 2020.  
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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

In 2019, the FinDev Gateway Blog kept on growing, thanks to so many of our partner organizations and contributing community members. Here is the list of most popular blogs of the year.
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Women's Financial Inclusion: The Smart Thing To Do

To pick up the pace of change, we need more pragmatic actions from all stakeholders. This blog post shares key takeaways from two recent events by FinEquity and Women's World Banking.
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The World Is Mobile, Why Isn’t Our Data?

Over 164 million migrant workers make a living in a foreign country, and almost 26 million refugees have been forced to flee due to conflict. Unfortunately, while migrant workers are on the move, their data is not, often preventing them from accessing financial services or better jobs. Developing a digital identity system is one potential solution to this problem.
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More Data for a More Accountable Financial Inclusion Industry

Facts and figures tell us the full story of financial and social results and allow us to compare that story to those of our peers. The ATLAS data platform is a new initiative to help tell those stories, consolidating data on pricing, client protection, and social and financial performance.
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Who Bears the Risk in Fintech?

The excitement around fintech in India is palpable. Many see it as a market-led solution to the policy objective of financial inclusion. Fintech regulation must therefore be designed carefully to prevent and mitigate risks while also preserving the potential for financial inclusion. 
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Gateway Guide to Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions

Should all financial service providers climb on the digital bandwagon to stay relevant? In this Gateway Guide, we share our main take-aways from the latest research and practical lessons across the sector.