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FinDev Interview

A Chatbot Named BOB and Other Consumer Protection Measures in the Philippines

Atty. Charina B. De Vera-Yap shares how the Philippine Central Bank is using a customer-centric approach to update regulations and better protect Filipino consumers.
FinDev Guide

Guide to Financial Consumer Protection in the Digital Era

Consumer risks are increasing with the growth of digital finance. The resources in this FinDev Guide share good practices, solutions and tools to ensure that consumers achieve positive outcomes in their financial journey.  
FinDev Interview

Why We Need a Responsible Digital Finance Ecosystem

Eric Duflos of CGAP discusses recent findings on consumer risks and how to address them.
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Financial Inclusion for Refugees and Migrants in Latin America

Five lessons from the IFC and UNHCR joint initiative that are key in advancing financial inclusion for refugees and migrants.
FinDev Interview

Financial Inclusion and Climate Action: An Emerging Policy and Advocacy Agenda

In this interview, Peter McConaghy shares how the UNSGSA is working to advance inclusive green finance at the global and country levels. 
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Exploring New Markets Through Disaggregated Customer Data

A new tool from the WSBI’s Scale2Save initiative makes public datasets in Nigeria more accessible for gathering customer data and insights.
FinDev Interview

Investing in Gender Diversity and Women’s Leadership

Adama Bah of Oikocredit shares how her organization works with financial service provider partners to advance women’s economic empowerment.
FinDev Interview

Combating Restrictive Gender Norms in Pakistan

Roshaneh Zafar of Kashf Foundation shares how her organization is tackling key barriers to women’s economic empowerment.
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Incorporating Environmental Criteria in Social Performance Management Standards

The updated Universal Standards provide improved, more practical guidance for financial service providers.
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Financial Health as a Consumer Journey

The deep value of a financial health framework is to enable financial service providers and regulators to step into customers' shoes and design products and policies that accompany and support them on their pathway to financial well-being.