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Gender-Transformative Business Models in Agriculture

Insights from five leading agricultural companies help us understand how businesses can advance gender equity by taking specific steps to address harmful gender norms and reduce gender gaps.
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Towards a More Sustainable Livelihood for Business Correspondent Agents

A new pilot explores the possibilities for agents in rural India to include assisted e-commerce among the services they offer.
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Coping Strategies of Financially Distressed Households

Which clients are most likely to draw down savings, borrow or sell off assets to deal with reduced income? This data can help MFIs find ways to make savings products easier to access, use and afford.
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FinDev Guide to Women's Financial Inclusion

This Guide features a curated selection of research and blogs on women's financial inclusion, from gender lens investing to financial diaries of women traders.
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Finding Our Collective Direction Towards Women's Economic Empowerment

Aude de Montesquiou, Global Facilitator for FinEquity, discusses the community of practice's current work and future ambitions to support women.
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Wartime Wheat: Supporting Farmers and Food Security in Ukraine

Affordable financing is critical for Ukrainian agribusinesses as they support their fellow farmers and soldiers on the front lines.
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Saving to Build Resilience: At Odds With Saving for Future Goals?

New research takes a look at how formal savings accounts can help people manage financial risks as well as accumulate savings for the future.
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Green Inclusive Finance: Necessity and Opportunity for MFIs in Middle East and North Africa

How can the region’s microfinance sector help manage climate risks and continue to protect and improve livelihoods?
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Central Bank Digital Currencies: Five Lessons From Three Trailblazers

Experiences from the Bahamas, China and Nigeria help illuminate the rocky path for other central banks interested in implementing their own digital currencies.
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Micro and Small Enterprises Get Their Own Digital Ambassadors in Colombia

Approximately 16 million people in Colombia depend on income generated from micro and small enterprises (MSEs). Digital platforms and tools can help them grow, but uptake and use is impeded by diverse challenges.