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Incentives for Small Retailers to Climb the Modernization and Digitization Ladder

Lessons from traditional small-scale shopkeepers in Mexico on finding incentives beyond business education and cash provision
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Catalyzing Women's Bank Account Use Through COVID-19 Relief

Women's World Banking partnered with a major public sector bank in India to see what effect the government's COVID-19 payments had on women's account activity. 
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Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: Advancing Digital Financial Inclusion in Morocco

Increased government-to-person payments help pave the way for a growth in mobile payment accounts 
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Gateway Guide to Pay-As-You-Go Financing for Basic Services

Learn more about this innovative business model which is helping more low-income customers access essential services such as electricity, water and cooking fuel. Explore FinDev Gateway's latest publications, webinars and blog posts on PAYGo financing.
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How PAYGo Solar Companies Can Shine for Investors

The pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar industry has attracted a lot of interest among impact investors. But complex business models and a lack of reporting standards may be putting off large-scale investment.  
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How Can We Improve Education with DFS+?

Proposing digital payment solutions to help keep teachers in classrooms in Niger
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Cash Transfers Get an Upgrade

Can we make cash go further by combining cash transfer programs with financial inclusion?
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The State Made Me Save: G2P Transfers Reduce Account Dormancy

Can cash transfer programs help bring about financial inclusion?
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Gateway Blogosphere Round-up: M-Pesa’s Success and Limitations

Catching up with the latest blogs and resources on the telecom-led mobile money model