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Can You Get to Know Your Customer Through an App?

Ibrahim Eid, whose Valify solution won the 2019 Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, explains how e-KYC works and how a digital identity can give customers access to financial services.
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Who Bears the Risk in Fintech?

The excitement around fintech in India is palpable. Many see it as a market-led solution to the policy objective of financial inclusion. Fintech regulation must therefore be designed carefully to prevent and mitigate risks while also preserving the potential for financial inclusion. 
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Does Fintech Have Us Spellbound?

How can we identify which fintech companies and products offer impact potential without being enthralled by the latest 'shiny new object'? Four frameworks help us separate potential from hype.
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Great Expectations: Fintech and the Poor

There’s off-the-charts hype around fintech in the financial inclusion community, but how much does it really help poor people? CGAP’s CEO Greta Bull says it’s time to rethink the promise of fintech and focus on how to better harness the innovation it brings in service of poor people.
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Who Is Innovating in the Arab World?

Meet the eight finalists of the inaugural edition of the Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, presented at the Sanabel Conference in Amman, Jordan.
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What Is Crowdfunding and How Could It Help Financial Inclusion?

Crowdfunding is gaining in worldwide popularity and in the inclusive finance sector. But who is the crowd of these platforms and what deals do they fund? As part of this year’s European Microfinance Week, Marloes Noppen will participate in a panel which attempts to answer these and other questions.
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Closing the “Blockchain for Development” Evidence Gap

Have we formed unrealistic expectations for this new technology?
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Could Blockchain Help Emerging Markets Leapfrog Traditional Technologies?

Leveraging distributed ledger technology to promote financial inclusion and sustainable development
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Gateway Guide to Blockchain

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about the revolutionary potential of blockchain. But do such proclamations sometimes have you scratching your head, wishing you understood what blockchain actually is? In this Gateway Guide we start with the ABCs: What is blockchain and why should I care?
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All You Need Is … Innovation!

In this Gateway interview, Reda Maamari discusses a new regional award which aims to spur innovation for greater financial inclusion in the Arab World, sharing how the Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize (AFIIP) came about, and what it hopes to achieve.