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Micro and Small Enterprises Get Their Own Digital Ambassadors in Colombia

Approximately 16 million people in Colombia depend on income generated from micro and small enterprises (MSEs). Digital platforms and tools can help them grow, but uptake and use is impeded by diverse challenges.
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Is Fintech Always Inclusive?

An IMF working paper looks at who fintech is helping and who it is leaving behind, using cross-country and emerging fintech data to see if fintech use is associated with narrowing class, rural and gender divides.
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Artificial Intelligence in Financial Inclusion: How Should Supervisors Respond?

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial sector is spreading exponentially across advanced and emerging economies. What are the risks and opportunities presented by these innovations?
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Who Do You Trust? Building a “TrustScore” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs explores how to incorporate member-driven assessments into credit scoring through their app.
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Why We Urgently Need Alternatives to the Investor-Driven Fintech Model

Fintech is the latest financial innovation thought capable of dramatically improving the lives of the global poor, but a more critical look is necessary to challenge this narrative.
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WhatsApp and Algorithms: How to Get Financing to Farmers in East Africa

The founders of Ugandan fintech Emata share how their solution is helping dairy farmers and their cooperatives access finance and manage operations.
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Will Digital Currencies Be the Next Revolution in Financial Inclusion?

Growing interest in stablecoins and digital currencies leads us to ask some key questions about their potential for the underbanked.
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It’s Time to Address the Financing Gap for Female Tech Entrepreneurs in Africa

How can we get more investment to women-led companies and more women in the investment pipeline?
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Instant Liquidity Support for Mobile Money Agents

Inclusive fintech Flow shares how they have adapted their model to continue providing a much-needed service during the coronavirus crisis.
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How Can Financial Technology Serve Smallholder Farmers?

Leading fintech providers discuss how to overcome the challenges and risks in providing financial services for smallholder farmers