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Three Years Later: Financial Services Spur Recovery Following Nepal’s Gorkha Earthquake

Study finds that access to formal savings and loans played a critical role in coping with disaster 
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Fintech As a Pathway to Financial Inclusion? The Case of China

The opportunities and risks of fintech are front of mind for financial sector policymakers these days, and many are looking to China for inspiration and guidance. What can we learn from the Chinese experience?
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Untapped Potential: Behavior Change Approaches To Address Gender Norms

Integrating social and behavior change communication in women’s economic empowerment programming to address social gender norms that affect financial inclusion.
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Gateway Guide to Youth Financial Inclusion

In this Gateway Guide, we present you with the latest publications on youth financial services, entrepreneurship and employment, and financial education.
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Five Common Misconceptions About Financial Education for Children and Youth

Child and Youth Finance International believes that ending poverty requires teaching children and youth how to manage money responsibly.
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"Our Time As Leaders Has Come"

Women leaders in financial inclusion from around the globe answer the question: What message or advice would you give to women in the sector who would like to reach leadership positions in their institutions?
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Why Do We Need a Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice?

CGAP’s Yasmin Bin-Humam discusses why gender is such a key topic in financial inclusion and what the Women's Financial Inclusion Community of Practice (COP) is up to.
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Gateway Guide to Women’s Financial Inclusion

A guide to our most recent library resources on digital financial services for women, policies for promoting women’s financial inclusion, reviews of impact evaluations on women’s empowerment initiatives, and more.
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The Story of Her: Gender Insights from FinScope

FinScope’s layered approach to data collection and analysis allows us to explore women’s empowerment at the individual, household, and community levels.
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How Can We Improve Education with DFS+?

Proposing digital payment solutions to help keep teachers in classrooms in Niger