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Can Lenders Also Sell Insurance and Investment Products?

How to ensure the sale of appropriate non-credit products to microcredit customers
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Innovation vs. Consumer Protection: Striking the Right Regulatory Balance

Five principles and five key actions to help build trust and confidence in Kenya’s digital finance ecosystem 
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Consumer Protection in a Digital Age

The Smart Campaign's new standards and guidance for digital finance mark a profound shift for the sector - from a previous focus on staff behavior towards clients, to the increasing importance of product design and delivery, as well as data protection.
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First, Do No Harm

As the microfinance sector has matured, client protection principles have been introduced around issues such as interest rates and product transparency, fair pricing and appropriate product design. But where do gender-based risks fit into these principles?
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Being Smart About Mobile Money

A case study with two financial service providers in Burkina Faso explores seven risks involved in bringing savings groups into digital finance.
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Customer Centricity - Why Does It Matter?

Take this quiz to learn why financial service providers choose to adopt a customer-centric business model.
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Big Data Also Means Big Privacy and Security Challenges

How can we take advantage of the opportunities big data offers while respecting people’s privacy?