CGAP Pulse Survey of Microfinance Institutions

Conducted from June to December 2020, the CGAP Global Pulse Survey of Microfinance Institutions was the first survey that aims to capture the full picture of COVID-19’s impact on microfinance at the global, regional, and national levels. By offering a full understanding of how the impact is playing out across the sector, the survey is designed to help funders and regulators effectively support the microfinance sector and to inform planning by microfinance institution (MFI ) management teams.

CGAP Pulse Survey

The information provides a non-exhaustive, high-level picture for some key indicators, not necessarily representative of a given market at all times. A total of 386 microfinance institutions have participated in at least one wave of the survey to date. Insights and analysis of the survey results are available in the CGAP blog series, Microfinance and COVID-19: Insights from CGAP's Global Pulse Survey