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Citi Foundation to Provide $15 Million to Support COVID-19 Related Relief Efforts Globally

Funds donated by the Citi Foundation will provide protective equipment for frontline health workers, equip diagnostic laboratories, improve surveillance and data collection, establish and maintain intensive care units and take other critical steps to scale up the urgent public health response to the pandemic around the world.

Guide / Toolkit

Resource Book on Designing and Delivering Agriculture Financing Products

Providing guidelines to develop efficient agriculture financing products
Guide / Toolkit

Governing Banks: MFI Edition. Part 1: Risk Governance

Understanding effective risk governance as a new board director of an MFI

Catalyzing Smallholder Agricultural Finance

Deploying investment to address smallholder finance demand

Microfinance - A Risky Business: A Time for Strong Leadership

Evaluating the potential of strong governance in mitigating microfinance risk

10 Ways to Accelerate Mobile Money: USAID-Citi Mobile Money Accelerator Alliance

Calling for coordinated action in the mobile money sector

Financial Inclusion: A Study on the Efficacy of Banking Correspondent Model

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the banking correspondent model in India?

Capacity Building for Microfinance in Post-Tsunami Reconstruction

Maintaining effectiveness of MFIs in times of disaster

Pathways to Progress: Global Youth Survey 2017

This survey builds on existing research and gauges the economic prospects and pursuits of more than 7,000 young people in 45 cities across 32 countries around the world.